axxon N.

American Beauty Syndrome


Scene Index


Rapid Eye Queen: The Final Scene (2:54)

Seeds (4:08)

Deity (3:17)

The Lucid (4:40)

Pabst Blue (5:32)

Carbon Doll (5:25)

The Miner's Canary (3:57)

The Other Sky (3:17)

Girl's Got Ghosts (4:38)

Ava (3:55)

The Fourth Wall (5:06)

Of Space and Time I - Godsend (4:45)

Of Space and Time II - American Beauty Syndrome (3:47)

Of Space and Time III - Long is the Road (5:06)

REQ uiem (4:13)



Written, performed, produced, and recorded by: Andrew Abraido & Daniel Taveras



Tambourine performance on G3:

Christina "Taco" Bermudez



Edited by: Andrew Abraido



Original artwork by: Daniel Taveras

Digital layout by: Andrew Abraido



Written and recorded October 2007 - February 2008

Released March 12, 2008



Recording Equipment:

-Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop

-Cubase LE

-Line 6 Spider III amp

-Crate bass amp

-Shure SM57 & SM58 Microphones

-Ibanez 6-string electric and acoustic guitars; 4-string electric bass

-Paul Reed Smith 6-string electric guitar

-Alvarez 6-string acoustic guitar

-M-Audio Fast Track Pro

-Digitech Vocal 300 processor

-Yamaha keyboard



Recorded in Mono, Mixed in Stereo



American Beauty Syndrome cover


American Beauty Syndrome is axxon N.'s highly anticipated and well-received follow-up to their debut effort Here Is Not Better. American Beauty Syndrome is the first album of its kind, what its creators have formally dubbed an 'aural film'. An aural film is similar to a concept album or rock opera but is structured in true cinematic fashion, with each song on the record functioning as a specific scene in the whole. American Beauty Syndrome was the only aural film ever released by axxon N., although Andrew has released 3, soon to be 4 aural films on his own: The Psychotic Letter X, H.W.'s I. Memoirs of a Zombie Apocalypse: REDUX, II. Into the End of Time, and the soon to be released third installment of the H.W. trilogy III. And the Absence of Life. The original logline for American Beauty Syndrome is as follows:


An evil spirit falls in love with a young woman. When he realizes it is impossible to profess his love to her while she is still alive, he bestows an affliction upon her that he trusts will lead to her suicide. The spirit hopes that she will fall in love with him when she meets him in the afterlife


A tale that dexterously fuses love, lust, disease, and fate, American Beauty Syndrome is unlike anything your senses have ever experienced. The story follows a young woman named Ava who may or may not be stricken with a horrifying and alienating affliction. Filled with spots of clarity and chasms of infinite darkness, Ava's world is slowly but surely contorted to the confines of her alleged affliction. Will Ava shed her affliction in time to save herself and her sanity, or will she succumb to her destiny to find out who she really is and discover the origins of her suffering?


An unequivocal and groundbreaking juxtaposition of media from the minds that brought you the album Here Is Not Better and the film Dead Ohio Sky, American Beauty Syndrome serves as a metaphor for the relationships experienced in our everyday lives and also as an ode to the heartbreak of losing the things we love the most. The entire recording of American Beauty Syndrome, as well as high-resolution digital prints of the album's artwork, is available for FREE by clicking HERE.




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