axxon N.'s first aural film American Beauty Syndrome (ABS) contains the duos best-received artwork to date. As with their debut Here Is Not Better, all of the artwork for ABS was hand drawn by Daniel, with text formatting and overall layout by Andrew. Since this was the duos first aural film, they wanted a heavy cinematic vibe throughout the album booklet, which accounts for the film reels on every page. The goal of the artwork was to present a visual accompaniment to the music, sort of a combination of images the audience would expect to 'see' if ABS were a visual film instead of an aural film. The story follows a young woman named Ava and the evil spirit who falls in love with her. The front cover of the album, widely regarded as axxon's most artistic and recognizable cover, is supposed to be a drawing the evil deity makes of Ava in his notebook, and subsequently scribbles out when things don't immediately go according to his plan. Upon first glance, the drawing of Ava is a bit amateurish and not as polished as some of her later representations in the album. Daniel did this on purpose, and drew the cover portrait of Ava as if someone who wasn't overly artistic drew someone's portrait. There is also a lot of chess imagery throughout the artwork of the album. This is an immediate nod to Ingmar Bergman's masterpiece The Seventh Seal, which features the imagery of the personification of death and a knight playing a game of chess that will determine the mortality of the knight. Chess pieces throughout the artwork of ABS are representative of death.