axxon N.

Here Is Not Better




Origin of Elusion
I. Prelude to a Fall
II. The Vanished

cynical. (5:56)

Roque (1:22)

The Phantom (4:14)

bD (3:35)

For Saken (6:45)

Jitterslug (3:45)

Comorbid (2:18)

Asymmetrical (5:31)

VIRIAL (9:06)

Love Letters (from a gun) (5:06)

Red Lampshade (2:16)

The Telling of Time (8:13)



Written, performed, produced, and recorded by: Andrew Abraido & Daniel Taveras



Original artwork by: Daniel Taveras

Digital layout by: Andrew Abraido



Written and recorded March - May 2007

Released May 31, 2007



Recording Equipment:

-Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop

-Cubase LE

-Line 6 Spider III amp

-Shure SM57 & SM58 Microphones

-Ibanez 6-string electric guitars

-Lexicon Alpha

-Yamaha keyboard



Recorded and Mixed in Mono



Into the End of Time cover


Here Is Not Better was the first album released by axxon N., which is the musical collaboration of Andrew Abraido and Daniel Taveras. The album contains 13 tracks that serve as a random, yet focused amalgamation of songs that the budding two talents recorded together. The album, like the rest of their bodies of work, was entirely written, produced, performed, and recorded by the team of Andrew and Daniel.


Their incorporation of film into their work was immediately apparent, as two instrumental segues on the album ("Roque" and "Red Lampshade") were inspired by David Lynch's masterpiece Mulholland Dr. Daniel and Andrew also stated very early on that the way in which they record and produce their songs is similar to the filmmaking process, with the pieces of each song being crafted one at a time and then strung together to an elegant (and frequently dark) end.


While merely a foreshadowing of what would be to come, Here Is Not Better functions as a celebration of collaboration of two minds seeping with creativity and brilliance coming together and solidifying the evolution of a lifelong friendship into a brotherhood.


The title of the album comes from the song "VIRIAL": "you think it still burns to spit out a flame / on the same tired ears that heard you say / here is not better / not better than my new life". The entire recording of Here Is Not Better, as well as high-resolution digital prints of the album's artwork, is available for FREE by clicking HERE.




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