axxon N.'s premiere effort, Here Is Not Better, features the gritty, unique, and organic artwork of Daniel Taveras. Since the album was recorded in a similar fashion to a filmmaking process, it was important to Andrew and Daniel that each song had its own accompanying piece of artwork to compliment the lyrics and commentary. The artwork was all hand drawn by Daniel and subsequently scanned into his computer (the debut of his patented 'scan art' style) and then text was formatted and added by Andrew. As it has been noted, several songs from this record were heavily inspired by the works of David Lynch, and some of the artwork is a nod to visions seen in Lynch's work. "Roque", "Jitterslug", and "Red Lampshade" are inspired by Lynch's magnum opus Mulholland Dr.; "Love Letters (from a gun)" was inspired by the Lynchian masterpiece Blue Velvet; "The Telling of Time" was inspired by Lynch's most recent full-length feature INLAND EMPIRE.