Circus For Silence

All You Thought Would Never Come




Carnivàle (0:47)

Decadence (3:57)

Ink & Blood (4:14)

Mirror, Darkly (3:59)

Marionette (4:57)

Silencio (3:13)

The Elephant Man (6:10)

Strawberries and Lullabies(6:40)



Written, performed, produced, and recorded by: Andrew Abraido



Artwork modification and layout by: Andrew Abraido



Written and recorded August 2007

Released September 11, 2007



Recording Equipment:

-Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop

-Cubase LE

-Line 6 Spider III amp

-Ibanez puny bass amp

-Shure SM58 Microphone

-Ibanez 6-string electric guitar and 4-string electric bass

-Lexicon Alpha

-Yamaha keyboard



Recorded in Mono, Mixed in Faux-Stereo



Into the End of Time cover


Circus For Silence was the first solo musical effort of Andrew Abraido. The record, titled All You Thought Would Never Come is a thematic concept album revolving around the emotions of performers in an old-timey circus. Fear, anxiety, confinement, and longing are the main themes here, as well as the performers' critical view of their audience which is representative of the media-soaked, hard-wired brains and guts of the once illustrious human race.


This work was heavily inspired by the films of Ingmar Bergman, and unfortunately retains the same fidelity that would be associated with a mid-twentieth centruy recording. That is, if mid-twentieth century recordings sounded like shit. A ten for writing and vision and a negative three for execution, All You Thought Would Never Come should only be experienced by those whose ears don't easily bleed and are curious to track the evolution of a musician. We all start somewhere.


For those brave enough to handle it, the entire recording of Circus For Silence's All You Thought Would Never Come, as well as high-resolution digital prints of the album's artwork, is available for FREE by clicking HERE.




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