Dan The Man

Strange Bedfellows




Take Off (3:30)

Those Wretched Trees (2:25)

Pale Horse (3:23)

Chroma Key (3:08)

The Monarch (4:36)

Guernica (3:59)

In The Morning I Stay (3:02)

Bourgeoisie (3:43)

Inner Light (3:33)

Dalliance (2:57)

The Moral Principal (3:21)

Daydream Castles (4:04)



Written, performed, produced, and recorded by: Daniel Taveras



Photography by:

Daniel Taveras & Dana DeStefano



Artwork Design and Layout by:

Daniel Taveras



Written and recorded August 2010 - November 2011

Released November 11, 2011



Recording Equipment:

-HP Pavillion 6510 desktop


-Steinberg Waves

-Alvarez RD8 acoustic guitar

-Yamaha PSR E213 keyboard

-Santana Egg Shaker

-True Colors Tambourine

-A Harmonica

-Logitech USB desktop microphone


Recorded and Mixed in Stereo



The Psychotic Letter X cover


Dan The Man is the debut solo effort of New York based musician Daniel Taveras. After failed bands on the verge of notoriety, Daniel recorded a solo album in his room alongside his bed. Using bargain bin recording technology, Strange Bedfellows was the result. An on-again, off-again, year-long in the making record, Strange Bedfellows is a subdued and careful work. Favoring melody and magnificence, Dan The Man's debut was created entirely with acoustic tones. This decision impacts the music, imbuing the record with a reflective, natural quality.


The entire recording of Dan The Man's Strange Bedfellows, as well as high-resolution digital prints of the album's artwork, is available for FREE by clicking HERE.




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