I. Memoirs of a Zombie Apocalypse: REDUX


Scene Index


Forecast (1:34)

Dis/believer (6:17)

Between the Eyes (5:10)

Mindless Home Invasion (4:04)

Alle(gory) (3:30)

Dead Men Tell Tall Tales (5:00)

A Man and His Muse (3:50)

Doomsday (3:15)

The End of the World or: A Relic From our Ghosts (5:40)




Written, performed, produced, and recorded by: Andrew Abraido



Originally written May - July 2008

REDUX recorded January - March 2011

Released April 29, 2011



Recording Equipment:

-HP HDX laptop

-Cubase 5

-Line 6 POD X3

-Ibanez 6 string electric and acoustic guitars; 4-string electric bass

-Alesis SR-18 Drum Machine

-M-Audio Fast Track Pro

-Boss VE-20 Vocal Processor

-Yamaha keyboard

-Shure SM58 Microphone


Recorded and Mixed in Stereo



Memoirs of a Zombie Apocalypse cover


H.W. was the pseudonym Andrew Abraido used to record his second solo album, titled Memoirs of a Zombie Apocalypse, and also the name of the story's protagonist. His first solo aural film, Memoirs of a Zombie Apocalypse was originally exclusively released to 3 individuals in July 2008. The album was inspired by actual events in the life of its creator, and explores an extremely complex and intimate "relationship" in the midst of an impending zombie takeover. In short, the story is about trying to sustain the unsustainable; to stay alive and flourish in apocalyptic times. Tragic, gory, violent, and beautiful...Memoirs of a Zombie Apocalypse follows H.W. and his muse as they race against time to fix their crumbling relationship before the world as they know it comes to a close.


Two and a half years later, Andrew decided to revisit H.W. and reimagined and reengineered the entire recording...keeping some old material, adding some new material, all of it culminating in what has been labeled the REDUX edition of Memoirs. The purpose of this REDUX edition of the album was to serve as the first act of a newly imagined trilogy following the character H.W. The entire recording of Memoirs of a Zombie Apocalypse: REDUX, as well as an interactive digital booklet, is available for FREE by clicking HERE.




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