II. Into the End of Time


Scene Index


The Ghost Is Gone (2:10)

I Died Young (3:11)

A Voice in the Void (2:56)

The Lost (4:13)

Into the End of Time (1:10)

#1A: Mr. Bubbles (3:41)

#1B: The Loveless (4:23)

Carnal (4:21)

#2: The Eraser (3:48)

Bottom Out (2:37)

We Belong Around (4:22)

#3: The Darkest of Hours (6:31)

My Siren, My Friend (4:43)

Void. Voice. Out. (4:25)



Written, performed, produced, and recorded by: Andrew Abraido



Creative test subject and lyrical consultant on #1A: B.W.S.



Written and recorded March - September 2011

Released October 13, 2011



Recording Equipment:

-HP HDX laptop

-Cubase 5

-Line 6 POD X3

-Ibanez 6 string electric and acoustic guitars; 4-string electric bass

-Alesis SR-18 Drum Machine

-M-Audio Fast Track Pro

-Boss VE-20 Vocal Processor

-Casio WK-3800 Workstation

-Shure SM58 Microphone


Recorded and Mixed in Stereo



Into the End of Time cover


H.W. is DEAD!! Picking up immediately after the events of Memoirs of a Zombie Apocalypse, Into the End of Time finds H.W. navigating the void of his afterlife. Shocked by his desolate surroundings, he wonders where he has gone and more importantly: how to get out. An apparition appears to him (god?) and instructs him that he must come to terms with the 3 turning points in his life if he is to escape this empty destination and find out what really waits for him on the other side of his life. Can H.W. stare down and accept his 3 life-altering events that made him who he was in his previous life, or will he fall short and be one with the shadows for all eternity?


Inspired by Gaspar Noe's MASTERPIECE Enter the Void, various religious ideologies, and moments in the life of this aural film's creator, Into the End of Time weaves a surreal tale of mystery, companionship, redemption, and the unknown that is proudly presented as the second entry into the H.W. aural film trilogy. The entire recording of Into the End of Time, as well as an interactive digital booklet, is available for FREE by clicking HERE.




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