II. Into the End of Time


Scene Index


1) The Ghost Is Gone

2) I Died Young

3) A Voice in the Void

4) The Lost

5) Into the End of Time

6) #1A: Mr. Bubbles

7) #1B: The Loveless

8) Carnal

9) #2: The Eraser

10) Bottom Out

11) We Belong Around

12) #3: The Darkest of Hours

13) My Siren, My Friend

14) Void. Voice. Out.





Written, performed, produced, and recorded by: Andrew Abraido





Creative test subject and lyrical consultant on #1A: B.W.S.





Written and recorded March - September 2011





From a lyrical standpoint, Into the End of Time is a beast. Pre-planning began as always, with words or groups of words being archived into Andrew's cell phone as they popped into his head. However, the pre-planning process wasn't nearly as involved as other projects, and the only musing strong enough to survive the translation to the final recordings was the entire poem in the first break in "Carnal" ('but we're fragments...'). Instead of relying on pre-planning, Andrew focused on more on-the-fly lyrical compositions. After recording all of the instrumentals, he sat down and experimented with vocal melodies and crafted lyrics over those hooks on the spot to fit the story he created. In order to maintain an accurate and logical story and stay true to its structure, the entire aural film was recorded in sequence.


Special thanks to creative test subject and quasi-lyricist B.W.S. (the one and only Black Widow Spider). For without her inebriated contributions, #1A would not be what it was destined to become.

The Ghost Is Gone

Please, please tell to me

Who, who will we be

Where, where will we go

Soon, soon we will know

Good, goodbye the seen

Now, my ghost leaves me


I'm ascending / Separating / Contemplating

Scenes of a life I once loved

Calculating / Distance failing / Relocating

Eternal spaces and time

What is waiting / I'm still shaking / Sky is breaking

Now I am home.



I Died Young

...and what a curious one indeed


So this is my new home

Where the fuck did I go

Where's the light and the queens in robes

All these myths now painfully exposed


I've been hoarding all my time

With penchants I knew were never right

But I thought I could make it fly

When I atoned later in my life

But you didn't let me see

All the things I dreamed I would be


Oh well, I died young

But I don't want to be here

Swallowed by the shadows

With no sign of death or of things


Forgive me

But I have to find a way out.



A Voice in the Void

Well you're

Still a seed in terms of time

A deadshot of days gone by

You were really quick to throw away


All the

Cells and knowledge that I gave you

Though I've seen all that you've been through

You still drove the selfish road


Out of

Hell and into nothing short of

Nothing now if you want to

Find out where you really go


Then you

Have to face the three that made you

And make peace with how they changed you

Only then will you get to know

Where you...





The Lost

The three

Whatever do you mean

The voice

Was it of supreme

Or not

This place is losing me


Let me rot here if that is your plan

So much for the mercy and atonement

The afterlife is such a farce


I snuffed

All I'd ever be

No choice

I'd never join the Z


I accept this nothingness inside me


I don't get it, nor do I care to explore

My memories, they blew up alongside me

Just let me rest with the noise I carry


"You didn't think it would be that easy, did you

If you did...listen."



Into the End of Time

"So you're the one they speak

Patience-less, but nice to meet you

I'm the one who shows you how

To seat the three, to figure out

All the bad from all the seen

Release yourself and follow me

Into the end of time

Relax yourself, together we'll be...".



#1A: Mr. Bubbles

"I'm here cuz my life came crumbling down

Because of substance

First of my three just follow me now

Into my spiral

Consume the goods and swallow the burn

My life is searing


But I feel no pain


Bubbles are good and found in the earth

Like a solution

To all that ails me

Wretched creepy scum done followed me now

But I had control

For a little while


Before I died


Now I have nothing

Not even the heat transposed to my loins

Oh, how I miss him

Though I lost it all because of the burn

I still do love him


And I'll never forget his name...


Oh Mr. Bubbles, you really turn me on

Oh Mr. Bubbles, you really turn me on

Oh Mr. Bubbles, you really turn me...".



#1B: The Loveless

I'm here cuz my life went BOOM

When I pulled the pin

Not much choice in the godless face

Of the undead

But even before the invasion

I've done many things that could've lead me here


I lay with bodies unknown

I lay with bodies unknown

I lay with bodies unknown

I sleep with bodies un...


Let's leave our names at the door

Let's leave our names at the door

Let's leave our names at the door

Just throw your clothes on the...


Into the morning I'm gone

Into the morning I'm gone

Into the morning I'm gone

Into the morning I'm...


Sort of see how this shallow game

Could have changed my mind

So with a gun to my head I would say

That my first could be

Though my cells are all over the world

I'm not actually capabale of loving anyone


It's just the thrill of the chase

It's just the thrill of the chase

It's just the thrill of the chase

I always get what I...


I tag the bodies and go

I tag the bodies and go

I tag the bodies and go

I shred the bodies and...


And still there's one thing I know

And still there's one thing I know

And still there's one thing I know

And still there's one thing I...


Your Mr. Bubbles has never made you scream

Your Mr. Bubbles has never made you scream

So fuck your Bubbles

You're enough to turn me....




Come to me my one

With a light as dark as mine

We'll shred and grind our whole

Shell-less selves apart

Until the breaking of this dark

Or the dusting of our now forgotten souls


"But we're fragments of our formers

Missing limbs and digits too

If we only ever knew

Before the storm of junk and gore

We might have lived as three or

Four or gripped our nails through skin

Sowing playfull seeds within

While we waited for the void"


What an obvious deform

But the pulsing rages on

Now I'd kill to feel some teeth

As you take these cells from me

Does this place just not allow

Or are you the one content with holding out


"Well I told you fragments aren't

Suitable for pleasure or for

Making lifelike mirrors of

Our existence, we are dead

So do get these throbs and thoughts out

Of your head and focus on

Making peace with your last two

Cut this bullshit, follow through".



#2: The Eraser

Get out of my head

Didn't even

Care to attempt

Grinding ghosts who knows

What could have been

Now you're ended

I'm through with you

Well I guess this is the start of my...





Dormant flaw I've known

To make forget

All the ones that ever crossed or lied to me

But more recently

Been used to selfishly erase those

Who though meant well

Didn't know how

To let me be

All those motherfuckers are so dead to me


I know I've changed

For the worst because

Of my quick mind

First to kill away

What I don't buy

Just a simple call or drink essentially

Would do the same damn thing

Even though

It's dark as hell out here

I wouldn't change

It appears as though I'm here to stay.



Bottom Out

"And here I thought ego was dead

But clearly I fucked up your head

With thoughts obscene in a 'holy' place


Well enjoy the hell you'll face

Tried to help but guess I'm 'erased'

You're a joke and unworthy of



Chance to redeem and proudly claim

To have seen the void and return unscathed

Maybe there's light on the other side


But you'll never

Know what waited

For you and I'm

Through with it too


Plan your stay for

Heat and torture

Hope you're naked

See you there".



We Belong Around

Out of -- I'm falling down to the place

Where I will spend the rest of my days

Till I grow too large or small for my cage

Guess I deserve the hell I first escaped


So was I close to

Unearthing truth

Or was this where I

Was fated to fall to when I died


Wish I was carefree

But all is fading

If I say sorry

Will you still help me


I've been buried deep before

I have seen the bottom's floor

I have been a monster and am unafraid of death but

We belong around because

We have seen the worst in ourselves

And we can use it to exterminate the dead and end the plague


So if you hear me

Furious lady

Know that I'm sorry

And when I'm sorry I make these sounds


We belong around because

We have monsters in ourselves

Waiting for the day we set them free to save the good from dying insane.



#3: The Darkest of Hours

One away from seeing where I go

I'll give it a shot


We were sleeping peacefully

Like any other night

Then she heard a rap, then two, then three

And the sound of broken glass and the

Thundering throughout the bottom floor

Then ascending to greet us

I sprung from my slumber and countered every move

Then I blew them down a flight of stairs


But what if this mind


Details of that night

And how many I slaughtered

Closer to the light

I remember

To shove it deep inside

I could never...


"How could you just throw it away

All the progress that you've made

You are so close and so near

Why then must you still con-"


Seal all that binds me to this shell

I'd much rather be in hell

Then to come to terms with this


I've brought wholly upon myself

My muse didn't sleep so well

Fuck I'd rather burn in hell than



"All of this shame is such a waste

Now that you're at fire's gate

Think of all you used to love

Do it for them

No matter how bad it may seem

I have done things more obscene

Use your last chance to redeem



'Twas the darkest of hours

And barely awake

I still had the mind

To hide in the basement with my shame

I don't even own a twelve gauge


Three complete

Made my peace

With past life

One big lie

I feel my

Shadow rise.



My Siren, My Friend

(For Spider)


Here we ride to dark

On the vessel you grew by getting me through

All the pain and messes I made in my shell

I will find a way to put my drive to sleep

After all I truly feel like you're my friend


But things like friends are sometimes hard to be

Especially when you're a siren and call to me

But I will stave off all pent electricity

Because you're so much more than a cheap trick to me

You brought me...


Back from the bad

Light I found when I gave up and fell straight out

Of your graces and although I'm pining to

Lay with you I'd much rather just hold your hand

While you comandeer and steer us to some land


Almost there and I can't wait to hear

That spinning voice that spoke to me with sanctity

Reveal the place I'll go to spend the rest of time

I don't care where as long as you stay by my side

My siren.



Void. Voice. Out.

But there's no one here

To greet

To welcome us back from our journey


Three complete

I guess it wasn't necessary


Please, a sign

We are not destined for nothing


Now feel time

Shifting back and spinning start to say:


So you faced your three and made

Me swell with pride that I created

Such an introspective scene

A monster and prophetic dreamer

You were right, now bow your heads

I summon you and your new friend

Back down from whence you came

To kill them all and save us from the...