Band of Horses | Manhattan Center, New York City | December 11, 2012



Grand Ballroom - Special Acoustic Performance

1) On My Way Back Home

2) Marry Song

3) Dilly

4) Long Vows

5) Shut-In Tourist

6) St. Augustine

7) Evening Kitchen

8) No One's Gonna Love You

9) Neighbor

10) Detlef Schrempf

11) How to Live

12) Lamb on the Lam (In the City)

13) Slow Cruel Hands of Time

14) Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover) (By request)

15) Wicked Gil

16) The Funeral

17) The General Specific


Hammerstein Ballroom - Electric Music

Set One

1) For Annabelle

2) The First Song

3) Electric Music

4) Part One

5) Older

6) A Little Biblical

7) Weed Party

8) The Great Salt Lake

9) Blue Beard

10) Compliments

11) Dumpster World

12) Cigarettes, Wedding Bands

13) Factory

14) Knock Knock

15) Window Blues

16) Laredo

17) Ode to LRC

18) The Funeral


Set Two

19) Our Swords

20) Everything's Gonna Be Undone

21) No One's Gonna Love You

22) NW Apt.

23) Feud

24) Is There a Ghost

25) Heartbreak on the 101

26) Infinite Arms

27) I Go to the Barn Because I Like The

28) Monsters




Ben Bridwell - Vox / Guitar / Lap Steel

Tyler Ramsey - Guitar

Ryan Monroe - Keys / Guitar

Bill Reynolds - Bass

Creighton Barrett - Drums




The kind folks over at Sub Pop were able to hook Andrew up with a Photo Pass for this show, therefore granting his dSLR access to both legs of this very special evening with Band of Horses.



Show Highlights

Experiencing nearly every song in Band of Horses' catalog (the only omission was Islands on the Coast), and two words: Ben Bridwell. Not only is the man a musical genius, but he's a tremendous personality. It has become my new life goal to one day sit down and have a beer and an intelligent conversation with the man.



All Photography by Andrew Abraido