Bon Iver | Prospect Park, New York City | August 10, 2011


1) Perth

2) Minnesota, WI

3) Towers

4) Michicant

5) Creature Fear

6) Beach Baby

7) Hinnom, TX

8) Wash.

9) Blood Bank

10) Holocene

11) re: Stacks

12) Flume

13) Calgary

14) Beth⁄Rest



15) Skinny Love

16) Who Is It (Björk cover)

17) The Wolves (Act I and II)


Encore 2

15) For Emma




The Ghosts of Film collective was slated to attend this show, but due to work constraints Andrew had to fly solo on this one. Contraband (see: dSLR) in hand, Andrew captured the intimate shots of Mr. Justin Vernon and his associates.



Show Highlights

The Rosebuds' performance, "Perth", the brass-filled "For Emma", and an epic, entirely haunting rendition of "Creature Fear".



All Photography by Andrew Abraido