The artwork for The Psychotic Letter X was fully realized and laid out by Andrew before the recording process was complete. He felt as though it was of the utmost importance that the artwork be extremely sexual in nature and feature as many scantily clad and tattooed models as possible to adhere to the story arc of the aural film. And yes, those of you with a keen eye, about 75% of the artwork was plucked from "Suicide Girls", who fit the description of his vision perfectly. The celebrity montage on slide 7 above was an idea that came to Andrew upon witnessing name after name permeate the headlines with regard to infidelity. No one is perfect, but this batch of creatures who think that they are "entitled" to more satisfaction than the next man are an absolute joke and an embarrassment to the male sex as a whole. Andrew hopes to open people's eyes about the plague that is infidelity with this project, while flexing some of his most polished musical muscle to date.